Mrs. Donna Shank (Big Duck) has organized and heads a new club designed for children 4 to 12 years of age. The purpose of the club is to involve our children in activities that teach them their Mohegan history and culture. The club, Gung Skeedumbork (Young People) meets every second Saturday, from 9-11AM at the UCFS building in Norwichtown, across from Stop & Shop.

On the very first club meeting on September 27th, Donna had the children weave story mats out of newspaper. The children had to take them home and paint them with Mohegan colors and add any symbols they wished to put on them. Mrs. Ruth Sweet, who assists Donna, showed the children how to finish their mats. Mrs. Christine Hyde read a story on wolves to the children. The children listened with wide eyes. It was great!

"My grandchildren asked me when they could come back on the ride home. I told them in two weeks and they both said they couldn't wait to go back", said Mrs. Darlene Currier whose grandchildren are regular club members.

If you would like to know more about Gung Skeedumbork, or wish to join, please send an email to the address below.

Talk to your Mohegan cousins that attend the classes and find out how much fun it is to learn! Hope to see you there!

There is no fee for joining the club. The club is supported by the Native American Mohegans, Inc.

Click here to check out the Gung Skeedumbork as they danced at the Winter Social!

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