The Story of Indian Leap

by Chief Loneagle

This story was told, by many a fire
And the memory, we are trying to keep
A "savage" jumped into eternity
At a place called INDIAN LEAP.
My ancestor made a forty-foot leap,
At the top of this natural beauty.
While others fell to the rocks below,
GREAT SPIRIT was truly on duty.
Over sixty feet high, was the waterfalls,
It's reverence - beyond belief.
This place was holy, in my people's world,
Even before it was INDIAN LEAP.
When I step on the land my Grandfather tread,
So many years ago,
I know he is gone, but I FEEL him there,
This place has that certain glow.
White man destroyed many a natural treasure,
Again, he wants to reap,
Destruction on this place of pleasure,
Bringing an end to INDIAN LEAP.
This is Yantic Falls in early spring. The spot that Uncas leaped from is on the right side of this picture, about halfway up. He landed on the left, just in front of where the small tree is now standing. The landing is about 15 feet lower than the take-off spot.

"This poem was created about 1985, while protesting the construction of a proposed power station on the site", Irv Fowler, aka Chief Loneagle.