Pilgrims + Progress = Pollution
The Formula for Total Destruction

by Chief Loneagle

It wasn't enough that white man took,
All that was ours to hold.
He took our land; he took our pride,
And some of our people - he sold.

Now all we have left are memories,
He even want's those, so it seems.
Enough is enough - we've learned to cope,
With their greed, and improbable dreams.

These men speak with forked tongue,
Preaching on saving the earth.
He tears it apart, like he doesn't care,
He's destroying the land of his birth.

GREAT SPIRIT demands that we take a break,
On this path of total despair.
This earth was HIS gift, and it deserves.
To receive much better care.

A long time ago, when our people were here,
They only took what was needed.
They understood what the GREAT ONE meant,
It is time that HIS words were heeded.

People today are like the cat and his tail,
In circle's they search the solution.
But think back - before the white man came.